RJ Mitchell. A life in aviation.
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From 1919 to 1925

Sea Lion II

Photo of Sea Lion IIThis was a high-speed "pusher" flying boat designed by Mitchell for the 1922 Schneider Trophy. It was built using the private investment of Hubert Scott-Paine, managing director of Supermarine, a loaned Napier engine, a borrowed high-speed propeller, and petrol and oil given by Shell and Castrol respectively. The hull was of standard Linton Hope circular section with biplane wings. The whole wing structure, including the engine could be removed by withdrawing just eight bolts. On its return from its Schneider win in Naples it was purchased by the Air Ministry and flown to Felixstowe where it was used for high-speed research on seaplanes.

Type: Single seat racing flying boat
Engine: 450hp Napier Lion II
Maximum speed: 160mph

Seagull II

Photo of Seagull IIIn June 1923 an order for 13 Seagull IIs was placed and six of these were allocated to a Mediterranean based Royal Navy carrier. This proved unsuccessful and they later fulfilled roles in coastal reconnaissance. The Seagull II was also exported to Australia where it found success as a shipborne aircraft. The single-engined design of the Seagull would later be followed by the highly successful twin-engine designed Southampton.

Type: Three crew (pilot, observer and wireless operator) flying boat
Engine: 492hp Napier Lion II
Maximum speed: 98mph at 3,000ft
Climb: 3,000ft in 7.75 minutes
Service ceiling: 9,150ft

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