RJ Mitchell. A life in aviation.
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Books, Films and Documentaries

Books to read

Biographies of R.J.Mitchell

RJ Mitchell - World Famous Aircraft Designer - by Gordon Mitchell.
ISBN 0 947750 053. Published by Nelson and Saunders.

R.J. Mitchell, Schooldays to Spitfire - by Gordon Mitchell.
ISBN 0 7524 23223. Published by Tempus Publishing Ltd.


Books about the Spitfire

Spitfire Ace by Martin Davidson - James Taylor.
Hardcover 256 pages (December 27, 2003) Publisher: Channel 4 books ISBN: 0752225111

Fight for the Sky: The Story of the Spitfire and Hurricane - by Douglas Bader.
Paperback 224 pages (July 1, 2003) Publisher: Pen and Sword Books Ltd ISBN: 0850529921

Birth of a Legend - the Spitfire - by Jeffrey Quill.
Published by Quiller Press, ISBN 0907621 64 3.

Spitfire - A Test Pilot's Story - by Jeffrey Quill.
Available from Crecy publishing in softback. ISBN 0-94755-472-6


Books about the Battle of Britain

Battle of Britain - by Paul P. Jacobs Jr, Robert Lightsey.
Hardcover 352 pages (1 September, 2002) Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education. ISBN: 0071385452

The Battle of Britain Then and Now - by Winston G. Ramsey (Editor).
Hardcover 848 pages (1989) Publisher: After the Battle. ISBN: 0900913460

The Battle of Britain: The Myth and the Reality - by Richard Overy.
Hardcover 192 pages (3 May, 2001) Publisher: W.W. Norton. ISBN: 0393020088

Honour Restored: Dowding, the Battle of Britain and the Fight for Freedom - by Squadron Leader Peter Brown.
Hardcover 192 pages (31 May, 2004) Publisher: Grub Street Publishing. ISBN: 1904010520

The Battle of Britain: The Triumph of R.A.F.Fighter Pilots - by Richard Hough, Denis Richards.
Paperback 413 pages (February 1991) Publisher: W.W. Norton. ISBN: 0393307344

Their Finest Hour - by Sir Winston Churchill.
Paperback 683 pages (1 May, 1986) Publisher: Houghton Mifflin. ISBN: 0395410568

The Battle of Britain June-October 1940 - by Matthew Parker.
Paperback 384 pages (August 2001) Publisher: Headline. ISBN: 0747234523

Fighter - by Len Deighton.
Paperback (1 April, 1982) Publisher: Ballantine Books. ISBN: 0345298217


Films,videos and DVDs

Films about R.J.Mitchell

The First Of The Few [1942]
Odyssey Video DVD - October 14, 2002
Starring: David Niven, Leslie Howard, et al.
Director: Leslie Howard.


Films, videos and DVDs

Battle of Britain [1969]
Release Date: 10 September, 2001
Starring: Harry Andrews, Michael Caine, et al.
Director: Guy Hamilton.

Battle of Britain- The Truth [1990]
Release Date: 1 October, 1990
PAL, Black & White, Colour
Catalogue Number: DD385

War Years, The - The Battle Of Britain
Release Date: 26 October, 1998
Starring: Michael Aspel (Pres/Narr), et al.
PAL, Black & White
Catalogue Number: 80612

Battle of Britain - Memorabilia Pack - Time of Legend
Release Date: 5 June, 2000
PAL format
PAL, Black & White
Catalogue Number: ILC0244

News 40 - The Battle of Britain
Release Date: 14 August, 2000
Starring: Martyn Lewis (Pres/Narr), et al.
PAL, Black & White, Colour
Catalogue Number: DD03855

The Battle of Britain (1998 Documentary)
Release Date: 1 June, 1999
PAL, Black & White, Colour
Catalogue Number: CROMHW051

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